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A WPF TextBox for entering a currency value, similar to how a cash register works.
  • Numbers typed are pushed in from the right. If we start with the default value 0.00, and start typing the numbers 123, the value updates as such: 0.00 => 0.01 => 0.12 => 1.23
  • If we press the backspace key, the numbers are shifted right: 1.23 => 0.12 => 0.01 => 0.00
  • If we press the delete key, the value is reset to 0.00.
  • If we press the minus key, the value becomes negative.
  • Copy and paste are disabled (both via context menu and keyboard shortcuts)
  • This control's template can be customized to change the appearance.
  • Supports data validation.


CurrencyTextBox Example

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